About Siempre En Domingo

My Mission

Siempre En Domingo is an independent online music magazine brought to you by the creative mind of music historian, Jae Morgan. My mission is to celebrate Latin pop and rock music and bring this wonderful music to the English-speaking world through documenting the musical past of Latin Pop Music with articles, reviews, and opinions.

In The Beginning

In 1989, I began a fan club in Los Angeles, California called “Estellas Del Momento” and for three years, produced a music zine featuring the top stars of Latin pop music. During this 3-year time frame, the magazine grew to a production rate of about 300 copies a month. Some of the subscribers were members of Garibaldi, Microchips, Fandango, Tatiana, and Alejandra Guzman.

Each magazine was cut, pasted, typed, edited, and laid out all by hand. Each issue was photocopied, sorted, addressed and mailed. Again, all by hand. It was fun and a lot of work. This ended when I moved from Los Angeles to Houston.

The Digital Age

In the early era of the internet, I began my mission of promoting Latin on the message boards of AOL. When the internet became the new way of life, I learned HTML and created a brand and a website. On April 7, 2003, PopEnEspanol.com was born. For 13 years, my goal was to bring my love for Latin pop music to an English-speaking world because most websites covering this genre were in Spanish. Rightful so. Over the years, the website has changed, evolved, disappeared, reappeared, moved, and everything in between. There are a little under 300 of the original articles that still exist from all of the evolutions of the website.

The domain was lost due to an error on my part and the site came back as PopEnEspanol.net. It then evolved to VivaLatinPop.com and even the short-lived estereopoprox.com. After the loss of the original site, the website never felt like it was right and I took a break.

A New Era

After a few years of tossing around ideas on how to bring back to love and the glory of my original site, an idea was born. With a few clicks of the mouse, I realized that the domain www.siempreendomingo.com was not owned and sat out in the world waiting for someone to bring it back to life. The original television show owned by Televisa, Siempre En Domingo was a musical variety show that aired every Sunday. 28 seasons and years. This program is where I learned about Latin pop and rock music. It seemed only appropriate that I will do the same and help educate and bring awareness to the awesomeness of the music and the wonderful bands and artists out there in the world.

Music is a universal language. While there are still a lot of closed-minded people in the world, music lovers are becoming a lot more open to international sounds. The rise of KPOP has shown us that. If there can be KPOP sites in all languages, not just Korean; then dammit, we are going to make the best LPOP (Latin pop but the acronym is not valid) site out there. Sites like Remezcla have had much success embracing Latin culture while writing their articles in English. So can I.

Welcome to the new Siempre En Domingo.

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