1 thought on “REVIEW: Alaska Y Dinarama – Fan Fatal (1989)

  1. Just came across this as “Fan Fatal” was one of my go-to cassettes in fall 1989 as a student in Madrid. I saw AyD at Parque de Attraciones that summer and it was a good show, but telling of the band’s end and evolution of Alaska, an incredible artist who would become iconic in CDMX. “Quiero Ser Santa” was all over Los 40 Principales, yet wasn’t on the cassette I’d paid many pesetas for. The Spotify version reflects the CD track listing, I believe. “Mi Novio es un Zombi” was a song you couldn’t get away from in July 1989. Yet, it was far from «Deseo Carnal» and a bit too technopop for some.

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